Heatsink Thermal Compound 30g White Color


The surface of a CPU or a heatsink is never entirely flat; if you place a heatsink directly on a CPU, there will be tiny (invisible) gaps between the two. Since air conducts heat poorly, these gaps have a very negative effect on the heat transfer. Therefore, an interface material with a high thermal conductivity is needed to fill these gaps, and thus improve heat conductivity between CPU and heatsink.

This thermal grease is used for most of PC and laptop accessories such as CPU, Circuit boards, LED mounting, etc. The Syringe shape allows for easy application.

High heat conduction, high insulation

High temperature-resistant, non-volatile

Nontoxic, Odorless, Non-corrosive


Type: CPU Chip Heatsink Paste

Use Time: 60 times (Approx.)

Shape: Syringe

Weight: 30g

Color: White

Uses: CPU, Graphics, And LED mounting.

Thermal Conductivity Coefficient: >1.22W/MK

Thermal Resistance: >0.201

Operating Temperature Range: -30 to 150 Degrees Celsius

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